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Atlantis and Its Colonies in Egypt and Yucatan

Why is the lost continent of Atlantis so exciting? The media knows they can grab our attention by announcing (yet again) that Atlantis has finally been found! Could it be that we resonate to news of Atlantis because many of us carry past life memories of our experiences in that technologically advanced ancient civilization?

Although Atlantis has yet to be found, Carol believes that, based on her hypnosis-induced memories of Atlantis, evidence actually exists of Atlanteans in Egypt and Yucatan. In addition, Edgar Cayce’s psychic readings for individuals with past lives in Atlantis reveal the fascinating story of the exodus of survivors from the sinking Atlantis to safety lands. Carol discusses her personal experiences of the world of Atlantis through information she received during hypnosis sessions as well as evidence gathered while visiting Egypt and Yucatan monuments. She also discusses the information presented in the Edgar Cayce readings and by other individuals.

"With the realization of the children of the Law of One that there was to be the final breaking up of the Poseidian-Atlantean lands, there were the emigrations with many of the leaders to the various lands." ~Edgar Cayce Reading 1007-3

According to the readings of Edgar Cayce, the ancient world did not resemble what we see on maps today. During the thousands of years that Atlantis existed, most of the present lands were under water, including most of North America. In this lecture, participants will discover what the earth looked like during Atlantean times and how very different people looked like then as compared to modern man. For example, Cayce explains in reading 5748-6: “See, most of the people had tails then!”

What kinds of people were these Atlanteans and how did their bodies differ from those of today? What did Cayce mean when he described Atlanteans as “thought people? Did they leave records of their civilization? What happened to Atlantis? Where is it now? Could you be a reincarnated Atlantean?

These questions and more will all be answered in this lecture on Atlantis:
  • Why did the Atlanteans choose Egypt and Yucatan to colonize?
  • Where did Cayce say we could find evidence of Atlantis?
  • Is there a possibility that the ancient Egyptian and Mayan gods were actually Atlanteans?
  • Who was Ra Ta? Who was Hept-Supht, and why did he leave Atlantis for Egypt?
  • How does Cayce describe the root races? Is his prediction of the fifth root race tied to Atlantis?
  • What on earth was the “the mighty, the terrible crystal” and what was its role in Atlantean life? (Edgar Cayce Reading 519-1)
An award winning photographer who previously worked for NASA as a photojournalist, Carol includes the following photographs with her lectures:
  • Atlanteans in paintings on the walls of the pharaohs’ tombs
  • Characteristics of ancient ruins that point to Atlantean influences
  • Mayan ruins in Yucatan illustrating myths that point to Atlantean and Lemurian origins
Carol Chapman has traveled four times to Yucatan and once to Egypt using the Edgar Cayce readings and her own past life regression memories of Atlantis as a guide. She searched for indications of Atlantean visitors in these lands.

She is an inspirational speaker, using participatory workshops and audio-visual aids in her seminars. Her style is fun and informative as she educates and entertains audiences in the U.S. and Canada. Carol is also an independent filmmaker who produced the travelogue, Yucatan Travel: Cancun to Chichen Itza.

“I felt compelled to thank you for your wonderful address at the Conference; it was refreshing and inspiring and with hilarious chicken stories to boot! It was the first time I heard about the ‘root races’ and an Atlantis remembrance. Very intriguing.”
~Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Carol wrote of her adventures in When We Were Gods and Arrival of the Gods in Egypt. In her book Have Your Heart's Desire: Tools for a Wealthier, Healthier, Happier Life, she shares a few of the tools she has learned to help strengthen her spiritual connection and psychic abilities. She has been featured on Art Bell/George Noory’s Coast-to-Coast AM and is the CEO of the publishing company SunTopaz LLC. She studied photography and filmmaking at Ryerson University in Toronto and has a Bachelors Degree in Journalism from Prescott College in Arizona.

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