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Carol Chapman taking a photo
Carol Chapman is an award-winning photographer who often includes her own photographs in her PowerPoint presentations during her seminars and workshops. When she is traveling, Carol makes it a point to try and find time to take photographs.

In addition to providing the images found in her books, her photographs can be found along side articles published in magazines such as Dream Network, Circle, Fate, Alternate Perceptions, Whole Live Times, The Open Road, and Venture Inward.
In previous years, she also provided photographs and designed the Edgar Cayce calendar.

While under contract to NASA as a photojournalist at Langley Research Center, her photographs, including covers, appeared in publications throughout the world in such publications as including Koku-Fan (Japan), Aeronautique Astronautique (France), Aeronautica & Difesa (Italy), Final Frontier, Aerospace America, Air and Space Smithsonian and Details.

When a double-page spread of one of her photographs appeared in Final Frontier, the Art Director of Air and Space Smithsonian Lee Battaglia wrote to NASA and said, "Life or National Geographic photographers could not have done as well."

Carol Studied photography and filmmaking at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada and has a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from Prescott College in Arizona.
Carol Chapman

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