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Edgar Cayce's Story of the Fifth Root Race

This eye-opening seminar answers not only the question, “Who am I?” but also, “Who am I really?” Not only, “Where am I going?” but also, “Where am I really going?” Not only, “Why am I here?” but most importantly, “Why am I really here?”

The seminar will also challenge you with the question of suffering and the need for death, or the reincarnation cycle, in our soul’s experience on earth during our present root race, the fourth. You will examine Cayce’s readings on the previous root races as they apply to the ancient and mysterious lost civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis.

You may find it intriguing to discover that not only do the occultist Rudolph Steiner and the mystic Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky refer to the root races, but indigenous cultures such as the Hopi, Maya, and Hindus have traditions of previous worlds, a concept parallel to the root races.

You will also explore Cayce’s prediction for the opening the Atlantean Hall of Records still hidden near the Sphinx in Egypt. He said the records might not be opened until the advent of the fifth root race.

Intrigued with the fifth root race? Carol’s seminar explores its possibilities.

The Fifth Root Race is a topic that is near and dear to Carol Chapman’s heart, because, when she went to a hypnotherapist for weight control, she not only connected with past lives, but also recalled her experiences in previous root races in Atlantis. In the three root races before our present form, she was not even human. To say that she was shocked is an understatement! It wasn’t until she traveled to Yucatan and saw, carved in the Mayan ruins, stone images of her memories that she began to consider that she may have experienced something real. An exciting visit to Egypt also confirmed her memories when she saw and photographed paintings in the pharaohs’ tombs. A study of Edgar Cayce’s readings on the root races, Atlantis, and Lemuria clarified her understanding.

“Owing to those appendages of one nature or another … feathers, hair, or tails, or portions of the vegetable kingdom, all were portions that found material expression in BODIES of individuals in those periods.”
~Edgar Cayce Reading 1472-10

Carol Chapman is a new age metaphysical author, an independent filmmaker, and CEO of her publishing company SunTopaz LLC. Her life transformed when, as a result of past life regression, she recalled past lives in Atlantis confirmed by travel to Yucatan and Egypt. She wrote about her travel adventures in When We Were Gods and Arrival of the Gods in Egypt. An award-winning photojournalist who previously worked for NASA, she created the Edgar Cayce Divine in Nature Calendars. She is producer/director of the travel documentary, Yucatan Travel: Cancun to Chichen Itza. Her most recent book Have Your Heart's Desire: Tools for a Wealthier, Healthier, Happier Life shares a few of the tools she has learned to help strengthen her spiritual connection and psychic abilities.

An inspirational speaker, her style is fun and informative as she educates and entertains audiences in the U.S. and Canada. She usually includes participatory workshops and audio-visual aids.

“Carol has a unique way of explaining, simply, reincarnation and various aspects of the root races.”
~ London, Ontario, Canada

Featured on Art Bell/George Noory’s Coast-to-Coast AM, Carol studied photography and filmmaking at Ryerson University in Toronto. She has a Bachelors Degree in Journalism from Prescott College. Carol and her “dream man” husband—she met him first in a dream—are amateur astronomers.

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