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Carol Chapman

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“I wonder if you realize what a catalyst you have been for us!”
~ Connecticut

Carol Chapman is a professional, motivational, inspirational speaker specializing in dreams, Atlantis, reincarnation, nature spirits, Yucatan, ancient mysteries, Law of Attraction and spiritual enlightenment.
Her seminars are informative and transformational. They're also fun and entertaining. She likes to include workshops so the audience can participate.

In her workshops, Carol will help you to:
  • Better attune to your soul 
  • Awaken to your destiny as a soul
  • Develop the psychic, or soul, powers you innately possess
  • Empower you to be a positive force in a changing world
  • Understand your progression in the Earth and the roots of our current trials
  • Give you hope for the future
Carol's seminars often include visuals, such as a PowerPoint presentation. Carol is an award-winning photographer who used to work for NASA as a photojournalist.

Interested in having Carol appear at an event in your area?
Contact her at CarolChapman@SunTopaz.com.

Video Excerpt of Carol Speaking About the Maya and the Yucatan

Current Topics
If you are interested in having Carol speak, please contact her at CarolChapman@SunTopaz.com.
  • Atlantis and its Colonies in Egypt and Yucatan - Why is the lost continent of Atlantis so exciting? The media knows they can grab our attention by announcing (yet again) that Atlantis has finally been found! Could it be that we resonate to news of Atlantis because many of us carry past life memories of our experiences in that technologically advanced ancient civilization? Although Atlantis has yet to be found, Carol believes that, based on her hypnosis-induced memories of Atlantis, evidence actually exists of Atlanteans in Egypt and Yucatan. In addition, Edgar Cayce’s psychic readings for individuals with past lives in Atlantis reveal the fascinating story of the exodus of survivors from the sinking Atlantis to safety lands. Carol discusses her personal experiences of the world of Atlantis through information she received during hypnosis sessions as well as evidence gathered while visiting Egypt and Yucatan monuments. She also discusses the information presented in the Edgar Cayce readings and by other individuals ...more
  • Edgar Cayce's Story of the Fifth Root Race - This eye-opening seminar answers not only the question, “Who am I?” but also, “Who am I really?” Not only, “Where am I going?” but also, “Where am I really going?” Not only, “Why am I here?” but most importantly, “Why am I really here?” The seminar will also challenge you with the question of suffering and the need for death, or the reincarnation cycle, in our soul’s experience on earth during our present root race, the fourth. You will examine Cayce’s readings on the previous root races as they apply to the ancient and mysterious lost civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis ...more
  • Everyone Has a Book in Them - Give yourself the boost you need to get going on that book you’ve always meant to write. Your book may be fiction, a memoir, an article, or a “how to” of knowledge and abilities you take for granted that are easy for you but that others would like to know. Best-selling spirituality author and speaker Carol Chapman will share information that she has learned on her path to becoming a published author and then becoming a publisher herself. The seminar will focus on expressing your creativity through writing, steps to begin and continue writing (it’s easier than you think), and options for producing and promoting your written work ...more
  • Have Your Heart's Desire - This program is an opportunity to pursue your Path of Application. It’s one thing to amass information, but if you don’t apply what you’ve learned, your information is like a silent song–it goes nowhere. The seminar includes participatory exercises which you can continue after you leave the event. In this program, you will apply as well as learn. The seminar is inspired by Carol Chapman’s newest book, Have Your Heart's Desire. The book is the first in the “Your Spiritual Awakening” series, a series devoted to sharing the tools that have helped Carol develop her spiritual abilities. In the program, Carol will be discussing spiritual guidelines for making good choices, using the Laws of Attraction, the power of prayer, and more! ...more
  • Influences of Atlantis and Lemuria in Yucatan - In this intriguing seminar, you will explore features of Mayan ruins and Mayan mythology for correlations with the Edgar Cayce readings describing Atlanteans and Lemurians in Yucatan. Carol Chapman has traveled five times to the Yucatan using the psychic readings of Edgar Cayce and her past life regression memories of Atlantis as a guide. Experience maps showing the proximity of Yucatan to both Atlantis and Lemuria. Listen to a Mayan culture expert explaining a Lemurian influence on the Maya. Discover the significance of the “Rabbit in the Moon.” ...more
  • Secrets of a Psychic - This seminar will give you Edgar Cayce’s prescription for the development of your psychic abilities. Remember, everyone has innate psychic talents. In fact, you will be surprised at the simple everyday steps that Cayce suggested for developing psychic ability. You will learn how to receive guidance, connect with your soul’s purpose in this lifetime, be comforted from within, and discover how to make choices more easily ...more
  • Twin Souls, Soul Mates, and Soul Groups - Since Carol Chapman first met her husband in a dream, you would expect her to be fascinated with the concepts of twin souls, soul mates, and soul groups … and, she is. In fact, she discovered through past life regressions that not only had she and her husband been together through many incarnations, but they had also known each other as far back as their earliest experiences on earth. In this seminar you will receive a definition of twin souls, soul mates, and soul groups, showing the differences between them. This is a seminar that will help you with your relationships because it will show you that the relationships you presently have are with souls who have been part of your sphere of intimates through numerous lifetimes ...more

Praise from Participants at Her Events

For "Atlantis and its Colony in Egypt"
  • "Unique. Very illuminating - new material - your Atlantean memories validating other sources, so in all, most satisfying too - thank you." ~ Lancaster, Pennsylvania

For "Everyone Has a Book in Them"
  • "The program made me believe that I could be an author! It was inspiriting." ~ Anchorage, Alaska
  • "I love Carol's energy . . . and spiritual wisdom! Every moment was precious."  ~ Anchorage, Alaska

For "Have Your Heart's Desire"
  • "You know the material well and have great stories to illustrate the points. Wonderful program! So grateful you came!" ~ Charleston, South Carolina
  • "The PowerPoint presentation was well done and informative. It made a difficult concept ‘easier’ to understand." ~ The Villages, Florida

For "Secrets of a Psychic"
  • "Great presentation - felt honest, no sham displays. Presenter was acutely present. Aura was good too!" ~ Nanaimo, British Columbia

For Previous Speaking Events

"Q: What do you like best about the program? A: 1. PowerPoint, 2. Everything . . . awesome!" ~ Richmond, Virginia

"Her presentation was easy to follow and easy to understand." ~ Comox, BC

"Thank you so much for your informative presentation I so enjoyed your information and power point presentation. I am so pleased you were so prompt at getting the emails out re: Galactic Centre awesome is all I can say. Hope you return soon as you have really peaked my interest in the Mayan's, Atlantis and Edgar Cayce."
~ K., Nanaimo Metaphysical Society, British Columbia, Canada

"I would listen to you again on any subject."

~ Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"Surpassed my expectations by a lot! Carol was vivacious, organized, clear, kept to topic, and thought-provoking."

~ Pacific Northwest Spring Retreat, Washington

"Carol has the unusual ability to hold love and joy out to each participant in a way that each one feels accepted, understood and encouraged. I recommend her highly to anyone who seeks spiritual awakening in a safe and healing space."
~ Melinda S., Wallingford, Connecticut

"The slide show was my favorite because my intellect craves evidence and explanation. Carol is a wonderful speaker."
~ Seabeck, Washington

"I felt compelled to thank you for your wonderful address at the Conference; it was  refreshing and inspiring and with hilarious chicken stories to boot! It was the first time I heard about the 'root races' and an Atlantis remembrance. Very intriguing."
~ Mary Ellen G., Kingston, Ontario, Canada

"I really enjoyed your presentation and I am putting into practice items from your workbook."
~ Ray J., Fairfax, VA (Washington, DC area)

"I greatly enjoyed your talk and your book, both of which have stayed with me to amazing degrees and now inform my own evolving spiritual understanding and practice. Thank you. Keep your light shining."
~ Robyn B., London, Ontario, Canada

"I am appreciative and feel blessed to have been able to attend your seminar. You have added to my understanding of God and to the “Children of the Law of One.” I’m sure you could tell from the “wide-eyed and transfixed” look on my face that I was totally absorbing the topic of Cayce, the Atlanteans, and God."
~ Francisco C., Houston A.R.E. Seminar

"Carol has a unique way of explaining, simply, reincarnation and various aspects of the root races."
~ London, Ontario, Canada

“Excellent—slide show spectacular!”
~ Seabeck, WA
“Since your presentation, I've had a shift in my life that I wanted to share with you.  I now get up before the crack of dawn, cross Atlantic Avenue and watch the sunrise on the ocean. What a gift...Thank you!”
~ Virginia Beach, VA

"Carol knows her topic very well."
~ Lancaster, Pennsylvania

"Thanks for sharing real stories. You are joyful, very interesting and very generous!"
~ Richmond, Virginia

"I wanted to thank you for coming here. You are the only other person I have met who has any understanding of certain topics and I can’t tell you how validating it was for me to meet you in person. . . . Again, Carol, thank you for your book and your visit and workshop. I have really appreciated every bit. I hope you enjoyed your visit to Alaska and will consider coming again sometime in the future."
~ Sharon P., Anchorage, Alaska

"Hope we meet again, you are such an inspiration . . . and joyful and funny, too! (What a combination!)"
~ Janet H., Seabeck, Washington

Praise from Seminar Organizers

"Carol has been very enthusiastically received at Seabeck. Usually we have those who want highly intellectual stimulation or those who want a more "tactile, heart felt " sort of interactive and relate-able forum. Carol fills the ticket for both of these extremes at the same time. She has a very down home kind of personality with a sparkling wit. There was not one derogatory comment. Everyone liked her."
~ Dee Wellman, Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. Regional Co-representative, Pacific Northwest

"We were so pleased that there was such a good turn out. . . . [because the date was changed] we were worried people would not be on the ball and paying attention to the dates....but Carol had a greaaaaaaat turnout!"
~ Day Schwartz, The Forum: Programs Based on the Edgar Cayce Readings, Virginia Beach, Virginia

“We can not thank you enough for the wonderful lecture you did for The Forum.  We have gotten such wonderful feedback from people that were there.  One person that has almost been to every Forum in the 12 years we have been doing them, said it was by far the best one she had ever been to.”
~ Day Schwartz, The Forum, Programs Based on the Edgar Cayce Readings, Virginia Beach, Virginia

For Seminar Organizers

Choose a speaker that will draw participants to your event!

Carol has conducted inspirational seminars and spiritual retreats for new age groups such as Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Ancient Teachings of the Masters (A.T.O.M.) Center in Anchorage, Alaska, and Nanaimo Metaphysical Network in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada.

She always enjoys working on a program with the organizers of the event to tailor the program to the organization's needs.
Carol also enjoys working with seminar organizers to publicize events.

If you are interested in having Carol speak at your event, please contact her at:

Or by snail mail at:

Carol Chapman
c/o SunTopaz
PO Box 123
Foster, VA 23056

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Previous Locations

Weekend Retreats
  • Anchorage, Alaska
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Kingston, Ontario, Canada
  • Seabeck (Seattle area), Washington State
  • Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada
One Day Seminars
  • Anchorage, Alaska
  • Houston, Texas
  • Fairfax, Virginia (Washington D.C.)
  • London, Ontario, Canada
  • Meaford, Ontario, Canada
  • Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
  • New York City, New York
  • Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Wallingford, Connecticut
  • Welland, Ontario, Canada
  • Westerly, Rhode Island
  • Westville, New Jersey
Evening or Half-day Events
  • Allegan, Michigan
  • Charleston, South Carolina
  • Comox/Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada
  • Greenville, South Carolina
  • Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
  • Richmond, Virginia
  • The Villages, Florida
  • Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • Worcester, Massachusetts

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